Australian School Of Technical Analysis

For Those Who Choose To Start In The Right Direction

We Provide the Solutions to Better Your Trading Outcome

The Australian School of Technical Analysis conduct practical hands on charting education in the correct application
of Technical Analysis for the financial markets. You will be guided in charting and analysis techniques to build a trading plan suited to your individual requirements.

In Depth Understanding
Of Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis of the markets is not difficult. As a student you will learn the correct application of Technical Analysis in a trading environment.

No Proprietary
Software Required

Technical Analysis does not require proprietary software or the use of special indicators. In fact the best Technical Analysis is applied without reference to other tools.

Develop Your Own
Trading Plan

You will be guided, one on one in charting and analysis techniques for building a trading plan suited only to your requirements.

Work with professionals

Open access to a Technical Analysis Professional. There is an infinite amount of ‘subjective’ Technical Analysis available via social media. Working with ASTA you will develop the knowledge used by the professionals in the field.

Save Time

Stop wasting your time following so called ‘guru’s’. You can develop your own approach based on simple Technical Analysis Techniques and be your own trader.

Guide To Rule
Based Trading Systems

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To the Market

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“Develop your winning edge”

Certified Financial Analyst and accredited from the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

Private client advisor Macquarie Bank, RBS Morgans and Wilson HTM.

Working with large broking houses, along with small focused workshops conducted within the corporate finance sector for hedge traders and institutional money managers and family offices.

Weekly Technical Analysis submissions to Thomson Reuters and First Prudential Markets that continue to this day.

Member of the Professional Technical Analysts Association. APTA.

More than 20+ years of industry trading experience.

Technical Analysis 101:
Master the Basics of Technical Analysis



– Develop an understanding of trend analysis throughout different time frames, chart patterns, support and resistance, price projection.
– Learn to identify the potential beginning and end of a trend. Make decisions about the strength of a trend.
– Correct trend analysis that is built on the Dow Theory, understanding that price discounts everything.
– Using 2 timeframes leads to the understanding the analysis of Stocks, Futures and currencies.
– You will learn that price movements are not totally random.


– Stop Loss is a critical tool, along with the money management. This is often referred to as the difference between success and failure.
– Position size so that the most practical Stop loss methods can be used.
– Understand why position and account risk is important.


– The how and why as Markets do not always trend.
– Critical areas of Technical Analysis in all markets including the recognition of price patterns, supports and resistance levels.
– Learn to identify short term daily patterns.


– How to correctly use indicators like RSI, CCI, MACD.
– Learn how and when to apply indicators, including moving averages, relative strength, and how to use Bollinger Bands.
– Understand why volume remains the most powerful indicator of commitment by other traders and investors.


– You will build a solid trading method and develop a strong trading plan based on your own risk profile.
– Q & A throughout the workshop to make sure you’re learning in real time.
– You will learn to make decisions with a strong foundational base that has stood the test of time.

Figuring out WHY
prices behave as they do,
is often the most expensive &
least valuable information,
you can only really know WHY
after the fact,
when it is useless..